Book Two – Land of the Leshy

Sadness, suffering, separation. Trials, tribulations, terror.

A Dark Legion swarms across the Free Realms. Angry Gods awaken, screaming elementals seethe with rage and fury. Evil entities conspire with a powerful Necromancer, a sorcerous Demon Maker, a growing host of unseen horror, rushing down to sting and bite, slay without mercy.
Old Earth stretches to an abyss, shrouded in mystery, buried by myth and legend. Eerie enchantment encapsulates a forbidden forest, the first crosspoint within a wild woodland, the Leshy village of Stippen Glen. Rival Leshy kings spin a web of intrigue, uncertainty and turmoil, boiling over from civil strife. Death lurks within mysterious mountains, moving mazes, fathomless cracks and crevices. Peril lurks near a locked gate, an empty bridge and magic river, below mystic mirrors, ancient war machines.

The dregs of war take heavy toll. The Path of Dreams trembles under the heavy feet of an ominous army, reborn from the Goddessy. Secrets gleaned from three Memory Scrolls cannot prevent ambush, wily schemes, imminent defeat. Companionship collapses, prophecy crumbles. A desperate race to reach Hell’s Gorge, the chasmic entrance into Under Earth, culminates in shocking revelations, contrived from cunning stratagems…

Conceived by the enemy within!