Book One – Onto Old Earth

Dark days are at hand. Evil abounds. The Sending Shards are failing. The Masters of War, six insidious entities known as the Invisible Host, have fled the prison tower of Mono Goth. Arisen is Icherot the Necromancer, Soul Taker of Under Earth. Unchained is Scarmur the Summoner, Demon Lord and Destroyer of Old Earth.

The first wave of destruction descends upon the Homeland, forcing an untrusty alliance to set forth on a perilous quest, seeking the whereabouts of Fair Folk. But the Dwarves, Cluricauns and Elves have vanished… only the Leshy remain.

Time slips like quicksilver, the first of four crosspoints must be reached, clues within the Ancient Memory Scrolls unraveled. But the sacred text is buried or burned or whispered only in legend.

The Path of Dreams known as The Myriad begins. The long, hard unpredictable journey is laden with traps and pitfalls, cloaked by deceit. Soon shall the Free Realms spiral into eternal darkness.